May 13, 2013

Art vs Marketing 2013

One of my contributions to the “Data” issue of 24MAG.

As the theme was “data,” I actually have quite a lot to say about how data can influence the trajectory of art and media—especially as someone who has worked for very metric-heavy environments. 

When you work data-first instead of story/message first…some really kooky nonsense can occur. Just because the “data” says something doesn’t mean you have to automatically go with that flow.

Ex: A (scary) portion of people believe in creationism. I am not going to say “well, I can’t work on anything regarding science because we’ll lose that audience.”

Sometimes as a media creator, when you are in the position to do so it is up to you to do that right thing and stand your ground. People respond to media sometimes very unconsciously, and that media becomes part of the cultural language. Be careful what you’re sending back into the culture, and what you’re reflecting.

To read more about data, see some amazing photographs, poetry, writing, art, and more, check out the latest issue, Issue 5»

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