May 9, 2012

Sketch post. Realized I needed to get back to the basics a little bit, so I’ve been drawing people on the street whenever I can.

My computer died this weekend and is now dead in the shop where it is being fixed by a rather fetching man with the best tattoos ever, so until it returns to me I am using my old laptop that intermittently dies, does not like to run software ever, and chirps appreciatively like some misschromosome’d abomination of a bird. So alas, no progress on any of the digital work. I am hoping my hard drive has not died, but the beauty of doing my linework in ink is that I have not lost ~*~*~everything*~*~, just a lot of the things.

Anyway, these people were lovingly selected (stalked? covertly sketched? No, this will be creepy no matter what) from around the various places I traversed over the past week or so, including a big folk festival where there was a grown-ass woman in a dinosaur suit, a man wearing a bagel necklace, silks acrobats, and a band comprised many people with interesting mustaches/hairstyles.

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